A bit of History

The Mutoscope was patented well over 100 years ago as an early motion picture device that mounted sequential photographs around a circular drum. These photographs were cranked using a mechanical handle giving the effect of motion!

The Mini-Mutoscope is a project created by Tentacle Media Ltd. It’s essentially a smaller, modern take on the original 19th century mechanical mutoscope.

The Original 3d Printed Mini-Mutoscope

Our first Mutoscope prototypes were 3d printed and you can still download the 3d print file from our Etsy store if you like a 3d printing challenge!

Load in the frames and crank the handle… Watch the magic happen. The mini mutoscope tricks the eye into seeing animation, the same effect as a flipbook. Each mutoscope carries 36 frames of original animation. It’s a great way to learn about animation and looks great on your desk or shelf.

The Original Mini-Mutoscope Kit: